Reusable Community Mask

25 washes

Textile Mask intended for use by individuals in the professional context or in authorized outlets in the context of confinement, namely in interior spaces with multiple people.

Code or Ref.  FRZ M1
Composition 100% Cotton
Tamanho Adult

Approved by CITEVE, standard EN13795-1: 2019, test report nr. 14845/2020 – 1

Important note!
Level 2 and level 3 masks are not classified as medical devices or as personal protective equipment.

Conservation and Cleaning

  • Maximum number of washing cycles in which the mask’s protective performance is guaranteed: 25 washes.
  • The masks must be washed using a normal wash cycle at 60 ° C (domestic type 6N wash, according to NP EN ISO 6330: 2012) with detergent, after each use. The user must ensure that the mask is dry before using it.

Symbols of conservation and cleaning

Usage Limitations

  • This device is not a medical device. It does not comply with the regulation of surgical masks (EU / 2017/745 regulation) or individual protection equipment (EU / 2016/425 regulation).
  • The mask should be used very dry after washing. The wet / damp mask decreases the protection of the mask.
  • The mask can only be used by someone else after washing.
  • If you accidentally get your mask wet, replace it with a dry one as soon as possible. The wet mask must be washed before being reused.
  • At the end of the recommended daily use or whenever you return home, the mask must be washed before being reused.
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