Reusable Apron

up to 10 washes

Code or Ref.  FRZ AV 1
Composition 50% Polyurethane / 50% Polyester

Raw material approved by Citeve, test report nr. 4259/2020-1

Product characteristics

  • Apron is intended for use in the Covid-19 scope, and other similar purposes.

Product Description

  • Apron for protection.
  • Waterproof. Not sterile.

Conservation and Cleaning

  • Apron must be washed following the following washing instructions:

Instructions for a maximum of 10 washes:

  • Wash cycle 2 (temperature of 75ºC), in an industrial machine, according to the standard NP EN ISSO 15797: 2017
  • Drum drying

Usages limitations

  • The Apron can only be used by someone else after washing.
  • At the end of use, the apron must be washed before being reused.
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